The clan quiz was birthed out of the need to spread the culture and the traditions of the Niger Delta region using secondary schools as its platform. When I began the project, we had to travel to Illah kingdom, make research on the kingdom in order to document it for the purpose of exposure. We also made research on prominent ancestors in the Benin kingdom and the story of Okuku Udo Akpabio.

Every single step of the way availed me the opportunity to meet with prominent men and women who influenced the pet project; the great grandson of Okuku Udo, (Mr. Emem Isong) the Ogbelani of Illah kingdom and his chiefs, and more. Getting across schools in the Niger Delta region to prepare and partake in the contest was no easy fit but because the project was set right from the start to succeed God made it easy for me.

On the 13th of May 2022 the contest was held virtually via zoom meeting, and we had over 30 students across the Niger Delta region dressed in their school uniforms ready to answer questions already prepared ahead for them. After three hours of rigorous testing the winner emerged from Word of Faith Group of Schools in the person of Gloria Ifeoma-Uyiosa Ofili.

The purpose of the quiz competition was actualized as each student got to read and prepare from the materials provided for them which intensively had to do with the culture of our people.

I must say that the project was a huge success and I’m positive that the next queen will carry on the mantle to run this project. In the words of Mrs. Craig, a teacher from word of faith group of schools, ‘if culture and tradition can be imputed into the curriculum using brands like FONDCUP then the next generation will be saved from native language extinction.’

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